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Nominations for the Awards must be sent by this form no later than 7th of June 15:00. GO TO FORM!

Awards that are announced here are open to all participants in events during the Nordic Open Data Week.


Nordic Innovation Prize


Nordic Innovation offers a shared prize for all events organized around Nordic Open Data Week. Events can be before this week, but a key meetup needs to take place during the Nordic Open Data Week.

Organizers of hackathons, ideations, data cook-offs, art hacks, maker sessions can nominate winners on a national level. 2 winning teams per Nordic country will be awarded the highest prize – a grant of 25.000 NOK for Travel and attendance at Slush 2015 in Helsinki.

The winning teams will again compete in a pitch session at Slush, and 3 winners will be selected by a jury. These 3 final winners will each get 50,000 NOK.

All organizers of events at Nordic Open Data Week need to do is to pre-register (no charge, all welcome) their event and be listed at this site,

To take part in the completion, each team have to send in a 1 minute video pitch to the local organizer, who will pick the winning teams.

Minimum criteria:

  • Solutions must utilize and demonstrate Open Data sets from at least one Nordic country

Top criteria:

  • Solutions that use more than one Nordic country data set
  • Cross-border potential, either commercial, use or other


  • If a winning team is a company, a guarantee document of “de minimis aid” has to signed by the company, meaning that the company will or have not reveived governmental funding exceeding 200.000 Euro under a 3 year period.
  • If the winning team consists of private persons, all taxes or other fees must be covered by the persons.

Contact at Nordic Innovation: Mikael von Dorrien, Senior Innovation Adviser,


Awards for best visualization of a sponsors open data

Use cogwheels, LEGO, waterworks, cookies, LED lights, music and sound, graphics, animations, online devices, wearables or something else suitable to visualize open data. We offer cash rewards for the best physical or digital visualization that is based on the sponsors open data. The best solutions will be bought by us and be displayed at a public space.

Each award is 20,000 SEK

If the jury is able to select a suitable winner, the winning team will be awarded 20 000 SEK (the sponsor will buy the final visualization). The award is intended to be used for the team’s costs for finalizing the visualization so it is ready to be displayed in a public space.

Available awards
The following sponsors (more to come…) are offering this award, for best visualization based on their open data:


Date – contributions must be submitted according to instructions available here at no later than Sunday 7th of June, at 15:00. (Link will be updated.)

Every sponsor have a jury. Every jury will evaluate all contributions and select one (1) winner, if the proposed solution meets all criteria and is suitable to be displayed at the sponsors premises. The final decision is made 10th of June, at 12:00.

Video – all contributions must be submitted in the form of a URL to a video (1 minute long) describing the proposed solution. Form for this will soon be added to this site.

Criteria – we are looking for solutions that are exciting, prototypes that visualize something important based on the sponsors open data. The purpose is to display the visualization in a public space and this is one important aspect that the jury will look at. It is a requirement that the visualization is based on or somehow use the sponsors open data.

The Prize is available for all – all events that are registered at are allowed to use this award, in order to motivate participation and increase visibility.

Erik Borälv: 08-473 3222,
Alexander Alvsilver: 08-473 3055,


Award for best use of open geodata

Lantmäteriet offer a reward for the best physical or digital visualization that is based on open geodata. The winner will be invited in several networks where geodata is the driving force. Any source of geodata is allowed for nominations for this prize.

If the jury is able to select a suitable winner, the winning team will be awarded a grant for travel and attendance at the International Cartographic Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2016.  The award is intended to be for the team’s inspiration and further contacts and networks to promote and spread their ideas on creative use of  geodata.

Anders Lagerqvist: